SAP Meet Our Customers Round Tables

IFEMA, Feria De Madrid, Spain / Madrid, Spain
November 13-16, 2012

You have selected to register for: Severstal | SAP User Experience Management by Knoa
Session Description: Severstal is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated steel and steel related mining companies. With approximately 70,000 employees, Several operates in Russia, the USA, the Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Italy, Liberia as well as investments in Brazil. Increasing global expansion is presenting some sustainability challenges at Severstal, including increased strain and support costs for user and application support resources and training organization.  To address these challenges, Severstal has created a world class, SAP certified Center of Excellence (COE), to manage all aspects of SAP adoption and support.  In order to further reverse the growth of support related costs, Severstal began to evaluate best practices around various COE support functions.  Knoa was a natural solution to enable a user sustainability program across all COE functions including proactive end user support, reduced time to resolution, targeted training and prioritization for application support.  During the session, Severstal will discuss the process they have gone through to select Knoa and the vision of how Knoa will enable the next generation COE. Please join this interactive session limited to 10-12 people, to learn first-hand about the lessons learned, implementation, key successes as well as the selection process.

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